BeamAntenna7QP (short for 7th Call Area QSO Party) is an annual contest typically held the first weekend in May.  Details on the contest itself can be found here.

7QP is the first major operating event of the year for the Snohomish County Hams Club and is an opportunity to get out, have some fun, and involve new hams into the joy of HF. COVID-19 restrictions in place just before this event will determine how the club and its members participate in 7QP.

Contact the 7QP Coordinator if you are interested in participating in this club event. Event coordinators are listed here.

Total Score4,8883,95211,8303,79112,58243,25813,2578,188
Placement5th of 57th of 74th of 53rd of 43rd of 363rd of 33rd of 3

2019 7QP Data

2018 7QP Pictures and Data

2017 7QP Pictures and Data

2016 7QP Pictures and Data

Prior Years

Members – if you have prior year photos to contribute please contact Rob Salsgiver or Randy Mather.

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