Next Amateur Radio Test Session will be May 25th.



The next in-person Amateur Radio Test Session will be at 10:30 A.M. Location is the First Presbyterian Church Snohomish, WA..

The test fee is $15.00 unless you are  under 19 years of age. For those under 19, the test fee is $5.00. With that fee you can take as many element tests as you want, as long as you get a passing grade on each element. When the ARRL receives the application from the VEC, an email will be sent to the applicant indicating receipt of the app and letting them know they have 10 days to pay $35.00 through the FCCs website. This $35.00 fee does not apply to those who are applying for an upgrade to another license class. If you are under 19 years of age, you can get a $35.00 rebate from the ARRL. See for more information.

NOTE: Candidates applying for a license the first time must have a Federal Registration Number (FRN) BEFORE coming to the test session.

You can obtain an FRN by going to the FCC’s CORES FRN Registration system and apply for an FRN. To register, click here.

NOTE: Candidates applying for an Upgrade to their license, must bring proof they have successfully passed the previous class to the one they are upgrading to. This can be done by bringing their FCC license (signed) or if their license hasn’t been approved yet, bring the CSCE received at the session where they passed that element. Bring a copy that the Volunteer Examiners can submit with your paperwork to the VEC,

Please email to let the club’s Volunteer Examiners (VEs) know you plan to attend this session.

Additional test dates by other clubs are here.

On-Line testing is still available through the Lake Washington Ham Club if you are interested in taking your test on-line.

Click on the “Contact Us” link and let them know you are interested in on-line testing.