Activity and Event Coordinators

It is said that “many hands make light work” and the same is true of our club.  None of this would be possible if it weren’t for members like YOU who are willing to step forward and help out.  Please feel free to touch bases with one of the below members for any areas you are interested in.

2024 Field Day Coordinator

Each year the club finds a public venue, sets up antennas and radios and participates in the ARRL Field Day event. There are a lot of steps and and takes a lot people to put on this event. This year the Dield Day Coordinator is James Jorgenson who is the organizing manager for this event. If you are interested in participating in Field Day, this is the person you need to contact.


For more information on this event, click here.

Education Coordinator

Our club is appreciative of Jim Blake’s prior leadership as Education Coordinator! While it’s a tough act to follow, we appreciate Gary’s passion for training and leading in this role. In addition to that, he’ll be rebuilding our education efforts after the impact that the Covid era had on us.

Gary was first licensed in 1994 and became an Extra class in 1996. He was a classroom teacher at the time and incorporated ham radio in classroom instruction. Gary is committed to helping bring back the fine programs that Jim conducted, and is open to any suggestions when it comes to how best to serve the interest of both club members along with anyone interested in ham radio.”

Randy Mather (AJ7B)

Volunteer Examiner (VE) Coordinator

Passing your Amateur Exam is the gateway every amateur passes through to get into the hobby.  The WA7LAW VE program has held regularly scheduled testing sessions since the 1970s.  Randy Mather (AJ7B) heads up our dedicated team of Volunteer Examiners and provides monthly testing opportunities (sans Covid).   Like our classes, in-person testing took a hit with the Covid pandemic restrictions but should be returning soon.  We look forward to seeing you at one of our testing sessions!  Current information can be found here!

Ken McCarthy – KI7SXM


We have been fortunate as a club to have been able to acquire many goods over the years that allow us to conduct radio operating events such as 7QP, Field Day, and others.   Radios, antennas, tents, cookware, event signs, and much much more all must be cared for, inventoried, and stored.  Our Quartermaster coordinates the efforts to keep track of all of our gear and ensure it is in tip-top shape adn ready for the next set of activities.   Long-time member Ray Smith currently watches over things for us and we are sincerely appreciate his efforts!

QSL Manager

One of the great attractions of the hobby is to make contact via radio to other amateurs, whether they are across the country or around the world.  You never know whether you’ll be talking to a prince, a pauper, or somewhere in between.  QSL’ing is activity if exchanging records of your contacts with other Amateurs.  John Van Dalen (N7AME) is the QSL Manager for the club’s WA7LAW call, and diligently responds to all requests for QSL cards as well as our ARRL Logbook Of The World (LOTW) online log.

Tom Hutchison – N7PKK

Investment Committee

The Snohomish County Hams Club through the efforts and contributions of of current and past members has established and maintains modest investments established to support our repeater system and other activities.  It is responsibility of the Investment committee to provide guidance and recommendations to ensure the safe, long-term growth of these assets.  We are indebted to founding member Loren Hole (KK7M) for his long-term support, vision, and wisdom for the Snohomish County Hams Club.

Nominating Committee

Each year a nominating committee is formed to seek qualified and committed individuals to run for the open Board and Officer positions to guide our club in the coming years.  Curt Green (N7OBI) currently leads our nominating committee, provides mentoring, and coordinates the committee efforts.

Tom Hutchinson (N7PKK)

JOTA Coordinator

Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) is an annual Amateur Radio event within the Scouting community.  Long-time club member Dr. Tom Hutchinson (N7PKK) has spear-headed and coordinated efforts for many years between our club members to introduce, engage, and mentor Scouts into the world of Amateur Radio through JOTA and other activities to support their Radio Merit Badge.

Position Open

Project Manager/Tech Committee

The Club’s Project Manager is responsible primarily for the maintenance and upkeep of the club’s repeater systems and other technical assets such as operating equipment for radio events including antennas, radios, laptops, etc.  Most of the work is shared throughout the club and relies on the time and expertise of many members, yet is coordinated through the Project Manager who reports to the Board of Directors.

Lynny Ludtka – KJ7LSK

Membership Chair


Uncle Ham wants YOU

Public Service Officer


Uncle Ham wants YOU

Net Control Coordinator

The Net Control Coordinator, strangely enough, coordinates the efforts of our Net Control Operators (NCOs)  NCOs conduct weekly nets on our repeater systems, typically using an established script and format.  The Net Control Coordinator works with the operators to establish and maintain a calendar of which primary and alternate NCO are scheduled each week. 

Uncle Ham wants YOU

Control Operator(s)

Control Operators are critical to the ongoing operation and support of our club repeaters.  Control Operators mantain watch on the repeaters to ensure they are used properly and within FCC regulations, and work with the Project Manager and others if needed to shutdown the system in event of problems or malfuction.  We are always on the lookout for interested members who are able to listen in and help monitor and manage the repeater systems.