It is said that “many hands make light work” and the same is true of our club.  None of this would be possible if it weren’t for members like YOU who are willing to step forward and help out.  Please feel free to touch bases with one of the below members for any areas you are interested in.

General Activities/Positions
Position Name/Call
Education Coordinator Jim Blake (KD7JB)
VE Coordinator Randy Mather (AJ7B)
Quartermaster Steve Elli (K7LKA)
Membership Chair Jill Hatch (WA7JIL)
QSL Manager John Van Dalen (N7AME)
Project Manager Vacant
Public Service Officer/Committee Vacant
Net Control Coordinator
Control Operator(s) Randy Mather (AJ7B)
Technical Committee Vacant
Investment Committee Loren Hole (KK7M)
Nominating Committee Larry Warner (KG7ZSB)
Field Day Coordinator Randy Mather (AJ7B)
7QP Coordinator Randy Mather (AJ7B)
Salmon Run Coordinator Vacant
JOTA Coordinator Vacant