KK7M Repeater Endowment

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Loren Hole (KK7M) has initiated the start of an endowment fund – the purpose of which is the long-term support of the WA7LAW repeater. The intent behind the endowment is to create a fund that will continue to grow through investment and ongoing donations.

The earnings of the endowment fund will be used to support the WA7LAW repeater – within certain guidelines. The principal of the fund will never be touched – it will remain intact to continue growing and supporting the repeater. You can make a donation to the KK7M Repeater Endowment fund by sending in your tax-deductible contribution to the club treasurer in person or via US mail. At this time we do not have the ability to manage online contributions.

Club Repeater Fund

Separate from the KK7M Repeater Endowment, the SCHC Board of Directors in 2012 chose to set aside funds to also support the club repeater.  $1000 was set aside in addition to a requirement that the club add $200 each year to this fund from the general budget. Unlike the KK7M Endowment, the money in this fund has fewer restrictions on its use.  This fund can be used to support the repeater in almost any way that is needed – repairs, replacement, system expansion, adding new functionality, etc.