Field Day

Field Day is an annual event in which amateur radio clubs all over the country participate.  Snohomish County Hams Club practices emergency preparedness by setting up amateur radio stations at a local park and powering them with batteries.  This year the club will set up its equipment at Everett’s Legion Memorial Park. Setup will start Friday evening (June 23rd). Time TBD. Operation will start Saturday morning and run until Sunday afternoon (24th – 25th).

Contact the Field Day coordinator if you are interested in participating in this club event. A list of coordinators can be found here.

Contacts (QSOs)488Unknown575541542490
Score1,676 - Not Final3,652 - Aggregate3,4622,9523,0543,148
PlacementTBD (3A Cat)N/A50 of 135 (4A Cat)51 of 137 (4A Cat)56 of 133 (4A Cat)60 of 132 (4A Cat)

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