Why Become a Member?

Membership has its privileges!  As a member of the Snohomish County Hams Club you can:
  • Participate in Club Activities
  • Get an Elmer to assist in answering your questions
  • Join the Technical Project Group
  • Vote at club meetings
  • If your a leader, become an officer in the club
  • Make new friends who share your interest in amateur radio
  • Have fun and sharpen your skills
Club Information for Members Only, click here.

Join the Club

If you are interested in Amateur Radio, you are welcome to become a member of Snohomish County Hams Club.  It does not matter if you already have a license or you are preparing to get your license.  The club charges $20 per year for dues.  We also have Lifetime Memberships...

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Special projects fundraisers

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