Fusion Repeater project – 1/26/2015





In January 2015 the Snohomish County Hams Club began the initial steps to upgrade the existing WA7LAW UHF and VHF repeater systems. Spurred by a current promotion by Yaesu on their new dual-mode Fusion Repeater, over 30 members of the club have donated in excess of $2500 towards the purchase of two repeaters and associated support equipment. At the January meeting a frank discussion of the pros and cons of the project was held and in a unanimous vote of over 50 members present it was decided to proceed with the project.

For those not attending the January meeting, the presentation used during the discussion can be found here. Problems are to be expected as we are looking to implement some of the absolutely latest technology in amateur radio. It is an exciting time in the club as we look to be one of the first in the Pacific Northwest to implement Yaesu’s new Digital Fusion dual-mode repeater system.

Additional Yaesu System Fusion information can be found at the following links:

Note:  Other minor updates have also occurred since the initial presentation.