Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

It is said that “many hands make light work” and the same is true of our club.  None of this would be possible if it weren’t for members like YOU who are willing to step forward and help out.  Please feel free to touch bases with one of the below members for any areas you are interested in.

    Group Elmer(s)
Tech Group
Repeater Support Group Henry Poland (KH6VM), Curt Green (N7OBI), Roger Hoot (KE7WVT)
Summits On The Air (SOTA) Barry Hatch (WA7BAR)
Islands On The Air (IOTA) John Van Dalen (N7AME)
DX Chasers
Contesting Dave Archer (KA7RRA), John Van Dalen (N7AME), Jack Rookaird (KC7YE)
QSLing John Van Dalen (N7AME)
Satellites John Van Dalen (N7AME)
Parks on The Air (PoTA) John Van Dalen (N7AME)
New Hams / Membership / Welcome Aboard Lynny Ludtka (KJ7LSK), Randy Mather (AJ7B), Jill Hatch (WA7JIL), Roger Hoot (KF7WVT)
CW (General and Learning teams) Randy Mather (AJ7B)
Software Defined Radio (SDR) Randy Mather (AJ7B)
“Makers” / Circuit Junkies
AntennaSmiths / Gurus Randy Mather (AJ7B)
Mobile Radio Installs
DMR group
WIRES-X Curt Green (N7OBI)
Echolink Henry Poland (KH6VM)
Weather Stations / Watchers
HOA Dodgers
RFI Troubleshooting / Investigation Tom Bruhns (K7ITM)
Education / School Outreach John Van Dalen (N7AME)
HF Digital modes Randy Mather (AJ7B)
Volunteer Examiners (VEs) Dennis Bradford (W7DEB), Steve Burling (KJ7YL), Curt Green (N7OBI), Tom Hutchinson (N7PKK), Randy Mather (AJ7B), Henry Poland (KH6VM),  Kenn Rich (W7SLW), Jack Rookiard (KC7YE), John Van Dalen (N7AME), Kerry Burnette (KC7YL)