Kerry Burnette – KC7YL


 When my husband, Michael, got his tech license I told him, “I want to get my license too.” He was befuddled. “What license?” he asked me. That was back in early 2014. I got a book from the library and found it rather dry and uninteresting. Michael said he would write some notes for me.

It is now early 2022 – my oh my, has ham radio become a big part of my life. My husband quit his full-time job to write books on various aspects of amateur radio including how to study and obtain your Technician, General, and Extra ham radio license. I proof and edit both print and audio versions of his books, take care of the accounts, and arrange all the details involved in running a booth at various ham radio conventions around the country. My other job is being a guest teacher for a local school district.

One very important and enriching component of our life is the Snohomish County Hams Club. I am so thankful for our club members who have helped me learn to love ham radio. In the process, dear friends have taught me how to run net control for the YL Net on Thursday evenings at 7pm and the SCHC Sunday Evening Net every fourth Sunday or so. When I started getting on the radio, I was terribly mike shy but so many people encouraged me to face my fears reminding me that this is “amateur radio.” It’s okay to make mistakes.

With that in mind, after being nominated, I decided to run for president of our club. Here we are in 2022, and I’m excited and joyful at the thought of what our club will accomplish in the coming year.  We have some big hurdles, dealing with a pandemic that seems unending and getting back into having in-person/hybrid club meetings, teaching licensing classes, offering in-person/hybrid testing the various license levels, and rejuvenating our events such as 7QP and Field Day.

As your club president, I am looking forward to accomplishing these goals with you, our membership. Thank you for being a part of the club. I appreciate you and I want to hear your thoughts on the coming year and what you would like to see for the future.



Tim Kephart – KJ7AKV

Vice President

I have been a licensed amateur since Aug or 2018.

I am an Extra Class VE with both ARRL and GLAARG.  Right after high school, I joined the US Marines and retired in Sept of 2001.

I have enjoyed my time working with the members of the SCHC and learning new things from each of you, looking forward to the future and all the great events to come.




Meg Engelter – KC7WWO


As I have a passion for emergency preparedness, amateur radio is a natural fit! For over 40 years, I have been involved with various extra curriculars to salve my need to be prepared. In early 1990s, I received my General license – just barely passing CW at 13 wpm. Not too much later, work and motherhood took a front seat for quite a few years.

A few years ago, I renewed my license and started attending the Snohomish County Hams Club. What a great group of people! I appreciate how the club works as a team as well as individually – so many resources are available.

To support all the club has offered me, in 2022, I accepted the position of Secretary (including Membership during 2022).

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime. If I am not able to answer your question, I will help to find a resource for you.



Randy Mather (AJ7B)

Randy Mather – AJ7B


I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1964. Initially licensed as WN7BCS as a novice. About a year later, upgraded to conditional and changed the call sign to WA7BCS. Went into the Navy at that point to learn more about electronics. Navy Electronics school back then was a pretty good way to advance in the electronic field and a good way avoid being drafted into the Army. While serving at NAS Lemoore, I upgraded to Advanced and got a new call: WB6RYG. Got out of the Navy and moved up here to get out of the 100 degree or more summers. Took the Extra exam and earned the call I now have: AJ7B.

I joined the Snohomish County Hams club to help keep the hobby alive. I like to get on the air (nets mostly) and enjoy teaching newbies about the hobby. In addition to being on the board, I am also the Treasurer and the VE Coordinator for the club. I have been a member of the club since 2013 and still enjoy participating on club events.



Henry Poland – KH6VM


Bio coming soon



Curt Green – N7OBI

Director, Position 1


Rob Salsgiver (NR3O)

Michael Burnette – AF7KB

Director, Position 2

Michael Burnette started playing with radios at the age of 8 when he found plans for a “foxhole” crystal radio set in a comic book. With the cardboard from a roll of tp for a coil form and a rusty razor blade for a crystal, it actually worked. “Worked” when Dad carted him into town to park about a block from a radio station, anyway.

He spent about 25 years in commercial broadcasting where he was, at some point, everything from the all-night DJ in Tulare, CA to a VP of Westinghouse Broadcasting, which later because CBS/Infinity.

He became a ham in 2013 and got his Extra Class ticket in 2014.

Today he is the author of a popular line of ham radio license education programs; The Fast Track series of books, e-books, and paperbacks. He has made presentations at many major hamfests.

He is still playing with radios.



Lynn Ludtka – KJ7LSK

Director, Position 3

I have always been interested in ham radio. I am active outdoors woman and do a lot of types of fishing- fly fishing and surf fishing and fishing from boats. love to go crabbing, hiking and swimming and camping!
I love to cook too.
I decided it was time to get my ham license to learn something new and to have for my outdoor activities.

I look forward to meeting all members and new ones too.

I have enjoyed my time with this club and look forward to the future with this ham radio club here in Snohomish county.

Ray Smith (KD7AVP)

Paige Butler – W0FLZ

Director (Past President Position)

I always had a fascination with technology and became interested in ham radio in my early teen years in TX back in the 70’s, with my grandmother telling me stories about her father and his ham radio hobby. And one day in High School I had a substitute teacher that mentioned she was a ham operator and we became good friends and I was introduced to many great “Elmers” and I got my ticket and began a hobby that has become one of my favorite activities.  I have operated with SkyWarn, ARES, NAVY MARS, etc.  I have operated mobile HF in all of the lower 48 states and was active on quite a few HF nets.

After taking about a 20-year break from ham radio to raise children, I finally was able to get back to this great hobby.  I jumped in full speed ahead, I am active on all bands from 80M through 70CM on SSB, FM Digital modes, I again enjoy DXing, Contesting, HF  award nets, home brewing and general rag-chewing..  I am on the Board of 2 local clubs, 1 international club and I am the 10-10 International Mobile Awards manager.

I look forward to helping the Snohomish County Hams Club be successful in all of our activities, feel free to reach out if you have any ham radio questions that I might be able to help out with.

73, W0FLZ


Phone: (425) 308-5561