Meet the Board

Dave Cornell


I was first licensed as a novice, WN0MIG, in Minneapolis, in 1952.  I was an avid HF antenna and kit builder from the beginning.  The Heathkit AT-1 transmitter was my pride and joy at the time. With times out for College and Grad School (University of California, Berkeley, Physics PhD) I grew more active upon being married in 1962.  I took the Extra Class exam in Washington, DC in 1973, while serving as teacher there on a program for communication technology and physics (students placed in FCC, HUD, etc.)  The FCC awarded me the smelly callsign K9BO, which endured through a 1989 African sabbatical to Zimbabwe/Z2.  Then I applied for vanity callsign W9LD (L for Linda, D for Dave).  I’ve taught physics and astronomy for four decades at College level, and enjoyed everything about it except for assigning grades.  Highlights since 2000 were working with students on a solar-powered car, and installing a state-of-the-art telescope.  Currently I run HF via remote control, because I live in a retirement community were antennas aren’t possible in the common sense.  On VHF I really appreciate the Club’s Echolink facility that allows for easy contact with WA7LAW worldwide.  See you around in the Club room at our meetings!


Dave Somers

Vice President

Dave (KI7DPP) first messed with radios in grade school, putting together a crystal receiver in about 1964. He progressed through short wave receivers, CB walkie talkies in the late ’60’s, a CB rig in his auto in the 80’s, and finally earned his Tech license in 2016 and his General in 2017. Dave is a slow learner.

In addition to his duties as Vice President of the SCHRC, Dave also serves as Snohomish County Executive. He also served 3.5 terms on the Snohomish County Council representing Council District 5. Prior to his public service, he worked for many years as a fisheries biologist for the Tulalip Tribes. Dave attended the University of Washington and earned degrees in fisheries and forest ecology.

Dave lives in unincorporated Snohomish County about 5 miles northeast of Monroe with his wife Elaine, four dogs (Hewitt shown in picture), two horses and a variety of wild varmints.

Dave enjoys HF, works with a ICOM IC-7300 mostly with a 135′ end-fed wire that works pretty good. He also has completed two semesters of CW Academy but is hopeless at copying. He is still working on it.


Roger Hoot – KF7WVT


I was an administrator in the Marine Corps for 20 years; 10 as an enlisted Marine, and 10 as an officer. I became aware of HAM radio while in Viet Nam as it dealt with MARS service.  After retiring from the Marine Corps in the Philippines, I went to work for the Navy as a Security Officer.  I found that I was more interested in protecting people rather than property so I changed to Emergency Management.  Again, I recognized the value of HAM communication and decided that whenever I retired, I would adopt the hobby of Amateur Radio operation.  After spending 30 years in Asia and Italy, I finally returned to the US in 2008.  I found the Snohomish County HAMS Club to be a very welcoming and instructional group of radio enthusiasts.  I have participated in many of the Club activities and look forward to serving as the Secretary.

While serving in the Philippines, I met and married my wife, Nette.  I have one 18 year old daughter.  I maintain a house in the Philippines that I visit every two years.


Randy Mather



Loren Hole



John Van Dalen

Director, Position 1

I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1978 and am presently licensed as an Extra class operator and also a volunteer examiner.   I operated CW until I upgraded to General and never looked back but am slowly rediscovering the pleasures of Morse code. I am a PSK31 operator and enjoy it and am struck by the ages of those whom use PSK. My newest fun is the FT8 revolution and I also got hooked by FM Satellites. I now will have VUCC for 100+ grids around the country and Canada. I was mentored by one of our members and can pass it on. I am an ARRL DXCC Card checker and will help anyone with the ARRL LOTW. I still do SO’s by mail.

I have been married to Mary Beth for 50 years and her father, Les Webb, W7BLX helped me into ham radio. We have two girls, Amy and Paula. I am retired now and spend most of my life fixing telephones, telephone lines and switching equipment for everybody but a Bell Company. I am also an antique telephone collector with over 100 telephones some of which were manufactured before 1900. The last eight years, I have worked at the Boeing Company as a contractor testing software on the Automatic Test Equipment used in the factory during final body join and assembly.

I retired from the military in 1995 as a Senior Master Sergeant with the WA Air National Guard and 5 years in the US Army stationed in Hawaii and South Korea.

My goal as a Director of this club is to help it continue to be helpful to perspective, new and old HAMS and keeping the club going in the right direction,


Jim Blake

Director, Position 2


Ray Smith – KD7AVP

Director, Position 3

My interest in radio started at a very young age as I learned about radio communication from my father who was a radio operator during WWII. I became a licensed amateur radio  operator in 1998 after taking a CERT class that lead into a Tech Class offered by the Snohomish County Hams club. I really enjoy ham radio and find myself continuing to expand my interest in it. I started with just talking to friends on the local repeater and over the last few years have ventured into HF and making distant contacts.

Over the years I have learned much from my fellow club members and I have really enjoyed myself through taking a more active part in the club activities. After attending many 7QP’s and Field Days this year I volunteered to  be the coordinator for both events and really had a good time doing so. I hope to be able to share what I have learned by participating in the club leadership and encouraging club members to join in participating in club events.


Phone: (425) 239-1002

Rob Salsgiver

Immediate Past President

Unlike most you will see listed below, I came into Amateur Radio relatively recently.  I am one of many licensed through the fine efforts of the Snohomish County Hams Club.  First licensed as KE7IJT in 2006, due to having an electronics background I was able to quickly upgrade to General and Extra.  In 2008 I was approved for my current NR3O call sign.    I was self-taught electronics in grade and high school and followed that with 6 years as a nuclear electronics technician in the US Navy.  During my navy time I transitioned to PCs and computer networking for the next 20 or so years.  The last 9 years I’ve spent working in mechanical, electrical, and process design in the automotive industry, slowly getting back to my electronics roots.

My primary enjoyment is programming and radio these days.  I’m an avid fan of Software Defined Radio (SDR) and the last few months have been spent remodeling and upgrading the “ham shack”, getting multiple antennas in the air, and generally making ready to enjoy the hobby more.  I just finished 2 years helping the WWARA as a board member and 70cm band chair, and have been involved in the past with Amateur EMCOMM with Snohomish County ACS, and have been involved when time allows in HamWAN.

I enjoy seeing others learn and have fun in the hobby.  I was club president once before back in 2012/2013, so if things are messed up – it’s probably my fault somehow <g>.