Ham of the Year

Each year the Nominating Committee chooses a club member to be Ham of the Year. The committee solicits input from all club members about contributions club members have made to the club and the hobby throughout the year. The announcement and awarding of the trophy takes place at the first (January) General Membership meeting of the following  year.

Ham of the Year Trophy

It all started in 1990 when club member Dave Robertson (WK7A) felt the club needed some kind of trophy that could be passed from year to year to a member who did wonderful things for Ham Radio and the community.
Dave, being an electrical engineer who worked at the Jim Creek Radio station acquired an electrical tube that had one pin missing. Carroll Hyde (KI7YG) used his woodworking skills to craft a base on which to mount the tube. They called it the "Ham of the Year" trophy. Carroll also built a carrying case to protect the trophy while it was transported between winners.

Listed below are the names on the trophy.

YearNameCall Sign
1991Keith McNeilN7OPJ
1992Loren HoleKK7M
1993Dave RobertsonWK7A
1994Carl CowlWA6DPL
1995Bob CutlerKE7ZJ
1996Carroll HydeKI7YG
1997Irv VarleyN7LGF
1998Frank DolanN7WUB
1999Don AndersonAB7V
2000Bob HallowellKB7MMV
2001Jon FortierN7WDF
2002Gary WhitingerW7MGG
2003Steve BurlingKJ7YL
2004Jon FortierN7WDF
2005Lorna HoleKB7PG
2006Eric NordinAB7BF
2007James LuddenKD7RHI
2008Tom HutchinsonN7PKK
2009Jo Ann EricksonKE7NBZ
2010Keith JacksonAD7FT
2011Jim BlakeKD7JB
2012Paul EricksonKD7EJI
2013Rob SalsgiverNR3O
2014Dave CornellW9LD
2015Randy MatherAJ7B
2016Jill HatchWA7JIL
2017Ray SmithKD7AVP
2018Henry PolandKH6VM