Technical Project Group (Elmer’s)

In the amateur radio community, “Elmer” is a term that we use to mean mentor.  Snohomish County Hams Club has a group of members who are willing to volunteer their experience to help you achieve your radio dreams.  The group will come along side you and assist you with your projects, teach you something useful or just sit with you as you learn how to operate. Here are just some of the things our group does to help new & old members:

  • Are you having trouble with an antenna?  We have members who have lots of experience building, matching, and installing antennas.
  • Install a radio in your car?
  • Program your radio?
  • Are you a new ham just staring out? We have members that can help you select equipment for your first station, learn how to operate and get comfortable on the air.
  • Would you like to learn contesting?  We have members who specialize in contests, how to make contacts and score points.

Would you like help from a Technical Group Member?

For more information contact Daniel Wight (KD7LEE). His email address is on the club member’s roster.