2016 7QP

7QP 2016 was the maiden deployment of our new mobile tower thanks to the generous donation of the kind folks over at Keysight Technologies.  The tower is an amazingly well designed tool that should serve us and the community well for many years to come.  For many members it was the first opportunity to learn and get a “hands on” opportunity to setting it up and using the tower.  Our experience will be used to create operating instructions for future deployments, the next of which should be Field Day in June!  There was a lot of fun, food, radios, and enough BS to fertilize the entire Eagle Ridge park.  Many new members to the hobby had their first real taste of HF operations and left seriously bit by the “bug” <g>.  Kudos to Kevin Lynch (KG7CLD) for coordinating this year’s event, and all the club members who helped out (and there were many!)  Thanks also to the City of Lake Stevens for the use of Eagle Ridge park, and to Keysight Technologies for our new tower.  If you have more photos you wish to contribute to the album, please contact Rob Salsgiver or Randy Mather.

7QP Entrance

WA7LAW’s Contest Summary Report for 2016 7QP

Total Contacts = 173
Total QSO Points = 366

Total Field Day Score: 8,188

Operating Period: 2017/07/24 13:53 – 2017/08/25 05:08