WA7LAW.ORG is a site to support the activities of the Snohomish County Hams Club.  We welcome all amateur radio operators as well as those who may be interested in the hobby.  Membership in the Snohomish County Hams Club is open to all.  Our monthly Club meeting is open to all who are interested in Amateur Radio. While we welcome everyone, please understand that our focus is on our local community.  We leave the global stuff to others.

If you are looking for information about one of the club’s meetings, click “Meetings, Announcements, Programs” link in the Favorite Spots box to the right.

QST —- QST — QST — VHF Repeater is BACK ON Line. Yeah!

With the assistance of a number of club members, the VHF repeater antenna has been installed and the repeater brought back on line.  No Echo Link at this time. Sunday Net will return to the VHF repeater on Sundays. So enjoy the repeater and let us know if you notice any difference in signal strength at your QTH.

To see some pictures, click here.

 Club Shirts are Available NOW!

Club Shirt

You have until April 27, 2018 (Friday) to place your order for a club shirt. Your shirt will be available on May 26th at the General Membership meeting. Just in time for Field Day. Henry will pick up the shirts and bring them to the meeting.
To order, go to https://stores.inksoft.com/snocohams/shop

Planning Meetings for 7QP and Field Day have Started

Anyone (ham, non-ham, club member, non-club member, etc.) interested in helping with one of the club’s field events is welcome to attend our Field Event Planning Meetings. For more information, click “Meetings, Announcements, Programs” link in the Favorite Spots box to the right.

Scout Merit Badge Counseling

Do you interest in helping a Scout obtain a Radio merit badge. If you do, you will have to complete a merit badge counseling training program. It has recently been updated so you don’t have to attend a class. You can do the training online. To learn more, click here. Tom Hutchinson (N7PKK) can also answer your questions about this program. See his contact information in the Club Roster on the Members Only page.

Special project fundraisers

We’ve started a couple of new initiatives aimed at some long-term improvements for the club and Amateur Radio in Snohomish County into the future – find out more here!

KK7M Repeater Endowment
Olimometer 2.52



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